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Xiaomi Announces To Launch Its Own Battery

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The Xiaomi stands out primarily for its smartphone quality and affordable price. But anyone who follows in the footsteps of the Chinese giant knows that the brand has several other products in the most varied categories. On Monday 19, Xiaomi has announced the arrival of another one: AA-size alkaline batteries. The product was initially launched in the Asian market, but if it succeeds there, it will be launched in the rest of the world.

The company claims that Mijia Super Battery, as the battery was called, is “an economical and more durable alternative” than its competitors. The battery has a capacity of 2,900mAh and should last two to five times longer than current brands – at least that’s the promise of Xiaomi. The explanation would be the larger size of the negative and positive poles.

The product promises stable energy in different climatic conditions, including below-freezing temperatures. Xiaomi guarantees its normal operation up to minus 20 degrees. The stack is also 33% lighter than ordinary ones, at just 16 grams. Sold on the Chinese version of the company’s website, a 4-unit set costs 16.9 yuan, approximately $2, while a Duracell package costs $7 on Amazon.

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