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Microsoft withdraw some widget changes In Windows Insider Preview

Microsoft has released the next preview version for Windows 11. As part of the Insider program, the preview 22533 is now available in the dev channel. The update fixes a number of bugs and starts some improvements. Microsoft has released a new preview version for Windows 11. If you have registered as a Windows Insider and selected the updates in the dev channel, you can now try out some new things with build number 22533.

The list of changes for this build is limited, but the list of known problems remains relatively long. In addition, there are now some experimental changes that are only being rolled out for some of the insiders. This includes a change to widgets. Some insiders had already received widgets and weather in the system tray for the test, now the distribution is stopped for the time being and the original status is restored. What is really new is an extension for the call function for the Your Phone app.

Some Bugs Fixed

In addition, there are now new ISOs for this new build that are available at Available for download by Microsoft. More on this in the release notes on the improvements and changes at the end of this post. Among other things, the Windows team has fixed a bug that led to problems with driver and firmware updates. In addition, login problems for apps such as the Feedback Hub have been resolved. Windows Insider Managers Amanda Langowski and Brandon LeBlanc provide an overview of the changes Windows blog.

changes and tweaks

  • We have updated the flyout design for the hardware indicators for brightness, volume, camera privacy, camera on / off and airplane mode to align it with the Windows 11 design principles. These new flyouts appear when you press the volume or brightness buttons on your laptop and take light / dark mode into account to give you a more cohesive Windows experience. Brightness and volume indicators are still interactive with the update.
  • You can now search for voice control in the taskbar and, like other applications, pin voice control to the taskbar or the start screen and switch it on and off.
  • We are expanding the rollout of the 13 touch keyboard themes to IMEs, the emoji panel and voice input (first introduced with build 22504) to all Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.
  • If you press the key combination WIN + X or click with the right mouse button on the start symbol, “Installed apps” is displayed instead of “Apps & features” in the menu.
  • It is now possible to uninstall the clock app if you want.

Another note in the blog article about the update is interesting. It says: Some of the bug fixes listed here in the Insider Preview builds from the active development branch may be included in the maintenance updates for the released version of Windows 11, which will be generally available from October 5, 2021.