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Microsoft Working On Improved Repairablity Of Surface Devices

Microsoft could plan a new device in the Surface series that relies more on a modular structure among other things, to guarantee the durability of the device through better repairability. The group is also working on an improved power supply.

It is still unknown whether and in which devices the new developments will be used. Because the changes in the design are a patent application and, as you know, these developments do not necessarily have to end up in a marketable product at some point. However, the patent at least once revealed Microsoft’s plans to improve the repairability of the products. The new patent with the registration number US10652832 had the online magazine Windows Latest discovered and published details.

In the patent application, Microsoft explains that, for example, the components of the devices can be replaced by a different housing material than the original, in order to “increase the repairability and/or the customization of the electronic device”.

Easy exchange with advantages

“The component of the replacement housing can have a different housing material than the original housing material. For example, an electronic device with a dented aluminum backplate of the housing could be repaired by replacing part of the housing.” The company is also considering using other materials to improve other aspects of the devices, such as the signal strength of wireless adapters such as for WLAN.

Currently, the Surface devices are not exactly characterized by a good exchange option and repairability in the event of defects – but this is not uncommon, especially in the segment of tablets and hybrid 2-1 devices.

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