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Microsoft’s strong growth continues to increase further

In the first three months of this year, Microsoft again managed to significantly increase its revenue. Despite already high values, double-digit growth was again achieved, which did not keep up with profits. As the company now announced, it posted a conversion of $48.4 billion for the third quarter, representing an 18 percent year-over-year increase. This resulted in a net profit of $16.7 billion, 8 percent more than a year ago.

The increase in surplus has been significantly lower than that in revenues, reportedly due to several factors, including unfavorable exchange rates and the cost of completing the Nuance acquisition. On the other hand, Microsoft hardly had to cut back on its current business. The cloud business, in particular, continues to develop excellently, contributing to balance sheets with growth rates of around 30 percent. As a result, this area remains the strongest driving force behind the development of the Redmond-based group.

The shocking moment when selling PCs

But Microsoft’s management can also sit back and relax, at least for a moment. Because the other business areas are also doing well. The news that the PC market had lost its corona momentum and sales were falling again may have come as a shock — but it turned out that this mainly affects competing Chromebooks and fewer Windows systems.

In addition, the Xbox division had the best business in years and outperformed its competitor from Japan. All in all, this translated into 11 percent growth in the residential customer segment. And for business customers, the move to Windows 11 is going according to plan, bringing with it a similarly significant increase in revenue.