Ministry of Interior Warn Employees Against Using WhatsApp

Ministry of Interior says that WhatsApp can “pose a serious risk to enterprises when the data is sent without being encrypted”. Thus it has asked its employees to avoid using WhatsApp.

The notification issued quotes Appthority report which states that WhatsApp is ranked right at the top of most blacklisted apps by the companies. All employees are recommended to refrain from using such apps which can send sensitive user information without their intervention to abroad servers.

WhatsApp, WinZip, and Where’s My Droid Pro are the most blacklisted iOS and Android apps in enterprise environments as per the report by Appthority. The report claims that these apps pose a severe threat to business security.

In order to protect their data, the ministry guided all its workers to install and use anti-viruses such as Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Nod32, and Avast. Also, employees are directed to install or update software firewalls like Coronado Firewall or Zonealarm.

Attachments from emails should not be downloaded unless the source is confirmed. Also, it is asked by Ministry to report any fishy activity to the concerned department.

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