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Some Misconceptions About Creating Quality Content How To Create Quality Posts

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Blogging has become a prominent activity on the internet. And creating quality content is a hot topic to discuss, individuals, professionals and even small businesses have started blogging over the past few years. The information available on the internet is more or less coming from the blogs all around the web.

But the information we access on the internet is really providing the true knowledge? And understanding of what users are looking for? is the real question here to answer.

Before answering this question, I will drive your attention to some important facts and stats.

Research on blogging found out;

  • More than 8 million blogs are online
  • 12000 New blogs are created everyday
  • 275,000 new blog posts are created everyday
  • 10,800 updates are done every hour
  • Every 7.4 seconds a new blog is created

Now in this situation of blogs and blogging the need for quality is more understandable. But WordPress.com stats are even more shocking:

wordpress blog statistics

Don’t be baffled or discouraged by these statistics. Because internet penetration is still increasing at an unprecedented rate.

The real comparison is here



blog posts statistics



blog statistics

Now can you see the gap? The gap is there but you have to fill it smartly. The top 1000 blogs attract almost 45% of the blog traffic but there is still 55% which is distributed among other blogs. Almost 70% of the blog traffic is engaged with just quality content.

So that is why quality content matters a lot. If you do not create quality content and just focus on number of posts, backlinks, Alexa rank, PageRank and other things; your blog would be buried in continuously rising pile of blogs and you would not be able to fall in top 500, top 1000 or top 5000 blogs. Read some myths about Pagerank in my other article.

Now I will guide you how you could create quality posts that can attract more and more readers to your blog, honestly speaking it is hard work to do but you need to do it and stay focused.

In a survey of 1000 bloggers 20.1 % of bloggers spend more than 3 to 6 hours on a single blog post while

5.5% of the bloggers spend more than 6 hours.


54.5% of bloggers spend 2 hours or less on a single blog post.

Although, the nature of blog posts varies across the blogging sphere, there are some technical blog posts which take more time than a news article or post. But one thing is quite limpid that quality posts need more time and dedication.

So if you are ready to invest more time and dedication to create epic blog posts, you have to understand four important pillars of creating quality blog posts.

Four Important Pillars Of Creating Quality Blog Posts

  • Research
  • Creativity
  • Coherence
  • Language

The top most important element in creating quality blog post after time and dedication is the research, without doing research you cannot create something different and more appealing,

For instance, you got an idea of a particular topic and you have started writing on it without doing prior research.

What would happen if you do like this?

  • There might be more relevant topics already published on the web
  • There might be more authentic and quality posts than yours
  • You might be talking about similar things that are already been discussed
  • You may not have uniqueness in your post
  • You may choose more or less the same title that have been posted several times

The idea is to remove all above possibilities while writing a blog post.

Some Misconceptions About Writing A Quality Post

There are tons of bloggers who have published the tips for creating a quality blog post, below are the findings of those;

misconceptions quality posts

Some bloggers especially the beginners might take it as a real concept behind quality posts but it’s not that all. These things are really important in creating a quality blog post, in fact every blog post should have these elements but that’s not what it makes a quality content.  So what is the quality content and how to produce it?

The idea revolves around the four important pillars of creating quality content

create quality posts

Research– Niche Research, Keywords research, Topics and Titles research, Research on already published posts, reshape the topic, create new knowledge, add value for readers, and solve their problem

Creativity– Images creation, idea depiction, video creation, different view point

Coherence- Brilliant opening, intact readers interest, cover all the aspects, sound conclusion

Language- adopt style, simple and clear, talk to the readers, ask questions, provoke thinking


Step- 1

Research starts from brainstorming session, and asking yourself questions what I should write about?, focus on the niche you could write most effectively, for instance you may have a good understanding of black-linking rather than PPC campaign. So write on back-linking more often.

Step- 2

Use keywords to find content related to your niche, try different variations in keywords for searching topics, you can also use keyword tools to search content and traffic estimates. After doing a long search you would be able to find out what types of posts you are getting in search results and how these topics can be transformed to create a new idea.

This is the time when you need some creativity to fill the gap, if you cannot workout this, try talking to creative people to give you some idea.


Once you have done the research on a particular topic identify the areas that might be left in the existing content, fill that gap with your new knowledge, add your opinion and solve the problem.

  • Creativity

You can be creative in writing a blog post by simply changing the orientation of the content. For instance, instead of writing some important points you can create an image for them. As you can see in this post I have created few images. You could do better and create more engaging images, I could have also written the text but I preferred to create image to attract readers and provide them easy to read visual content and insights.

  • Coherence & Cohesion

Coherence & Cohesion is another artistic and critical part in maintaining quality, the Idea is to keep readers excited, don’t let their interest fall and keep them intact about what you wrote till the end. That is why images, headings, quotes, info graphics and stats are squeezed into the posts. But more importantly everything in the post should be aligned logically and in a sequence.

  • Language

Language is the last but not least part of quality. Language is the device through which you communicate. Distortion in this device would affect your communication seriously, so adopt a nice writing style that your readers love. For instance, when you appear in front of audience physically. Language is not just what you deliver through your lips it also counts other variables like; tone, gestures, pitch, style etc.  So when you write you have to keep all these variables in mind. Because each variable above is a reflection in your writing. Identify the connection between those variables and figure out how they reflect in your writings.

Bottom Line

If you are able to follow “RCCL-Model” accurately then you will definitely be able to produce wicked posts like never before. Do more practice on the research and creativity part the rest would be much easier to manage.

4 thoughts on “Some Misconceptions About Creating Quality Content How To Create Quality Posts

  1. I agree with the general tone of this article completely, but writing an article on the RCCL method for producing quality content while using research from 2010 seems ironic and counterproductive to your entire point. Surely there’s more recent research than 2010? Especially from technorati?

    1. Good point raised Dan, Yes the technorati research is bit old but later I mentioned WordPress stats 2016 and a survey report 2014. Actually this research only used to provide readers an insight so they should be aware in this overloaded information age they need to work on the things that will make them standout. But your academic approach to point out the older research is much appreciated.

  2. Good post. I really like the 4 methods to add quality – RCCL. No matter if it’s 2010 or 2016 or whatever, these four key steps must always be followed. But, these aren’t the only 4 tools to make your content stand out. You also need to follow the basic language guidelines.

    1. Thanks Bilal, the core concept is should revolve around this model, rest there are many tools and techniques which can contribute as you said.

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