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3G And 4G Users In Pakistan Crossed 42 Million In 2017—PTA

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According to the PTA statistics, the number of 3G and 4G combined users have surpassed the 42 million benchmark. The users reached 41.72 million in May 2017 and 42.084 million by the end of June 2017.

The number of mobile users is way more than 3G and 4G users, Pakistan had 139.76 million mobile users in June 2017, however, the mobile usage was decreased in June as compared to May which was 140.52 million.

Largest 3G and 4G providers in Pakistan including Jazz and Zong witnessed fall in 3G subscribers, but in 4G subscriptions, there was a sharp increase. Zong registered 4,041,766 4G users in June 2017 up from 3,823,877 in May 2017.

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The number of 4G users at Jazz jumped to 937,209 in June 2017 as compared to 895,483 in May 2017.

Similarly, 3G users were decreased on Telenor network but there was a significant increase in 4G users from 519,788 in May to 607013 in June 2017.

The only 3G network which saw an increase during this period is Ufone, they added 124,0012 new 3G users to their network in the month of June. This is because they do not currently offer 4G services and the users who wish to continue with Ufone because of their user-friendly monthly packages do not want to switch to other networks for 3G services.

Sooner or later the Ufone subscribers may switch to 4G services due to increasing demand for fast speed internet or Ufone must consider starting offering 4G services to its user base in order to retain their subscribers for long term business growth.

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