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Motorola’s wireless Android Auto dongle is currently sold out, but it won’t be for long

Another chance to ditch your USB-C cables

Motorola managed to be the first company to burst onto the scene with a certified wireless dongle for Android Auto, and to our surprise, it’s actually pretty fantastic. Aside from some expected battery concerns, turning your existing dashboard into a wireless receiver is pretty great, with plenty of drivers excited to ditch those old USB-C cables. Unfortunately, it’s pretty tough to find the dongle right now — though it might not remain that way for long.

The Motorola MA1 went up for sale on Amazon this morning, and if you didn’t manage to grab one, you’re out of luck for now. Heading to the store listing shows the item as unavailable, without any hint of when it might come back into stock. The folks at 9to5Google reached out to SGW Global — the actual manufacturers behind Motorola’s gadget — and thankfully, Amazon should receive more stock within the “next few days,” with more units already on the way to the online retailer.
Would-be buyers won’t even have to wait until next week, assuming they’re fine shopping at other storefronts. Target will launch the product on its website — presumably as a web-exclusive — on Sunday, January 30th.
Aside from those battery drain issues, the MA1 is an excellent addition to your car. At $90, it’s not exactly budget-friendly, though it’s much cheaper than buying an all-new receiver. If you’re looking to bring your current car into the future, keep your eyes peeled for restocks over the next week or so.

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