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Walmart Mobile App is Now Saving Time of Pharmacy and Money Services Customers

Walmart Mobile App to be rolled out in March
With Walmart mobile app, you can now buy medicines or send funds from Walmart stores without the need to wait in the queue.

Walmart rolled out an updated mobile app for its users visiting their Pharmacy and Money Services stores. With this new Walmart mobile app, users won’t be required to stand the long queues. They just can enter the “Express Lane” to save their time and avoid any hustle.

As a Walmart mobile app user, you’ll have to enter your personal details in the app. Once done, you then could go straight to the counter and pick your pre-ordered medical supplies.

Similarly, users can also send funds using this updated Walmart mobile app. Same as with ordering medical supplies, users would be asked to enter some details in the app and tap “money ready to send” to transfer their funds.

Of course, this app is safe to use. A PIN would be required from the user, followed by scanning the QR code. Then they’ll verify their information and pay the bill.

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While Money Services through this updated app won’t be available in every Walmart store, the company will be featuring Express Lanes in around 1,200 stores.

Walmart has rolled out this mobile app at a time where businesses are moving fast to provide remote especially mobile platforms to their customers to gain their trust and build more business.

Food chains like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Chipotle have already released their mobile app where customers could place an order and pay even before entering the premises.

While this new app isn’t good to order food or drink, Walmart is making it easier for its customers to skip several steps and ease the buying process.

This new Walmart mobile app would be fully functional from March 2017 and is expecting to reach over 26 million iOS and Android mobile phones.

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