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Mozilla Firefox 105.0 Beta is here RAM Optimization for Linux and More

The open-source browser Mozilla Firefox features new two-finger swipe gestures in the pre-release 105.0 beta that doesn’t require the Alt key to be pressed and also protect system resources through further optimized processing of systems RAM with Linux.

Web developers also benefit from a new feature. The Firefox 105.0 beta for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems has been released in the beta channel, which Mozilla says is used for testing “features that are about to be released in the most stable pre-release version”. The Firefox Beta is an “unstable test and development platform,” as the Mozilla Foundation explicitly states. The final release is scheduled for September 20, 2022.

RAM optimizations brings more stability

The release of the browser, officially known as version 105.0beta, aims, among other things, to handle the available memory better than the official Release Notes of the latest pre-release reveal.

new ones

  • Added an option to print only the current page from the Print Preview dialog


  • Firefox is less likely to run out of memory on Linux and also outperform the rest of the system when memory is low.
  • On Windows, Firefox itself is more likely to survive when the memory is running low, even if individual tabs crash.
  • Touchpad scrolling on macOS was made easier by inadvertently reducing diagonal scrolling on the opposite axis of the intended scroll axis.

Mozilla Firefox 105.0 Beta Release Notes

Stability is also increased under Windows in situations where, for example, RAM is low or entire tabs crash.

Developer Tools, Gestures and Dialogs

In addition to the new 2-finger swipes back and forth, which now don’t require an Alt key, and an expanded print preview dialog, there’s also support for the definition of so-called persistent scripts using scripting for the first time, which is especially important, is interesting for web developers.

Changes for add-on developers

  • Added support for defining persistent scripts using scripting. A script is identified as persistent using the persistAcrossSessions property in scripting.RegisteredContentScript.

Mozilla Firefox 105.0 Beta – Developer Release Notes

In addition, there are the mandatory bug fixes that come with every new release, this time eliminating an issue with controls and touchpad scrolling under macOS.

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