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Mozilla Firefox Reality Going To Another Company

Mozilla Firefox Reality has been the company’s VR/AR web browser since its debut in the year of 2018. The company has just declared that it will retire the browser, and will give it to a different company.

Firefox Reality is going to be a different business

In the last four years, Firefox Reality has been the company’s solution for virtual reality browsing. Utilizing the VR headset you can browse the internet using floating web pages. You can do everything you would with a standard browser, but with 3D videos, as well as other exciting features. It appears, however, that Mozilla has ended this endeavor.

The company announced that it is giving the source code of the program to a third party and letting go of the entire matter. A company called Igalia will take over the source code of the browser, and then relaunch it as Wolvic. In the case of Firefox Reality, it will be removed from apps stores in the next few weeks. But, Wolvic will be available for download in the coming week. We’re not certain what Igalia will bring to the user experience. We expect to see some changes in some capacities.

What can you do using Firefox Reality?

If you’ve never tried Firefox Reality, it’s an extremely enjoyable browser to use when you own a VR headset. It first came out in the year 2018 and has was incorporated into a variety of VR headsets. The browser popped up before you in a big, easy-to-read display. It was possible to use the controllers to move up and down in the windows. This made navigation effortless.

If you needed to search for something specific, you can make use of a floating keyboard as well as a voice command. The VR excitement didn’t end there, since you could also play 3D videos directly from the browser it was a nice feature to have. While there were some new and interesting options, Firefox Reality had some basics. You could still create bookmarks and use the privacy mode, just like every other browser.

It is possible to get things organized

Since Firefox Reality is set to disappear in the coming weeks, it’s good to get things completed. It is essential to ensure that you have the data from bookmarks transferred to a different browser. It’s not a good idea to lose everything. Because the program is now under a different company It’s intriguing to see the changes made by the company. We hope that Igalia will maintain users’ experience.