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Mozilla Fixes Firefox Crash Using Intel Gemini Lake Processor

Firefox users have noticed issues related to certain Intel processors after the recent updates. Now there is a new version that should fix the problem. Mozilla has also published information about the bug.

Mozilla has released an update for Firefox 106. Version 106.0.5 fixes crash that can occur on devices with Intel Gemini Lake processors. The update is already available in the WinFuture download area. Only one change is listed in the official release notes. It’s about the Intel bug fixed in Firefox 106.0.5:

Firefox 106.0.5 Release Notes

  • It fixes a crash experienced by users with Intel Gemini Lake CPUs.

You could read about these problems after the update that had just been released, although Mozilla has been struggling with similar problems for a few updates now. Firefox 106.0.4 was also released this week, addressing crashes and freezes on some devices. 

Shortly before that, according to the release notes, 106.0.3 should also prevent crashes. These issues only affected a small number of Firefox installations and were quickly fixed by Mozilla.

Affected hardware

The Intel Gemini Lake processors were released in 2017. They are considered to be relatively low-performance chips that are mainly found in entry-level devices such as inexpensive laptops or desktop PCs. The affected chips were sold as Celeron and “Pentium Silver” processors. They are equipped with Intel UHD graphics. Users using the affected hardware should install the update immediately to resolve the issue.

As always, the update will be distributed automatically, so it should reach all users shortly. To force the update, version 106.0.5 can also be downloaded and installed manually.

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