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MSI created a stylus that can also work as a real pencil


As the technology world is advancing, we are literally seeing marvelous creations being introduced day by day. This latest creation is a pencil. You can write and draw with it on paper, and then you can use the same pencil on your laptop screen and draw with it just as a stylus works.

The latest creation, the MSI Pen 2, announced earlier this week, seems just like a product that was created with such deep thought. Sometimes, while working on laptops, you need to take notes on both your screen and notebook. So you no longer need two things to do that. This device is so convenient that my brain keeps thinking of the ways in which it can be used. If you are taking a lecture and you need to take notes too, So you can use the same device to write up your notes in your notebook, and then bring the same pencil and highlight the important parts on your laptop screen.

The experience with this device was quite smooth. This device employs MPP 2.6 as well as 4096 pressure levels. MSI has claimed that the pen can last 10 hours with just 5 minutes of charging. The writing experience with this pen was quite convenient, as it was good with both stroke and resistance.

How does this pen function?

This device contains a graphite stick inside of it. The graphite stick is replaceable when it runs out, just like a mechanical pencil. The device also provided a variety of lead options.

According to MSI, the pencil leads are just the right size to avoid leaving a mark on your screen or any lead fragments. As a result of this information, I used this pen later in the day because many people had already used it before me. I didn’t notice any such flaws.

The laptop series that is connected to this stylus is MSI’s Creator Z series. The pen was tested in conjunction with the Creator Z17 HX Studio, which is included with the pen. The Core i9-13590HX processor in this laptop series has 24 cores, eight of which are performance cores, and the remaining 16 are efficiency cores. It’s available with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 laptop GPU and 64GB of memory. The device has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 and a per-key RGB keyboard. Although these features are quite impressive, the real highlight is still the pen that comes with the device.

The price range of this device starts at $2,999, but the launch date of this device is yet to be finalized.

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