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MSN ESports Hub Now Offer News, Streams, and Events All In One Place

MSN Esports Hub

MSN Esports Hub was released last week by Microsoft. It’s a one-stop-shop for game streaming, news, and gaming events and tournaments. The hub includes streams, matches, tournaments, and states from across multiple platforms.

Currently, Microsoft serves streams from YouTube and Twitch on Esports Hub, but in the future, more platforms will also be supported. It also aggregates content from many gaming news sites, including DotEsports, GamesRadar, and ESTNN.

In a recent blog post Microsoft highlights four key areas of Esports Hub which includes;

  • “Home” blends streams, news, scores, and schedules into an overview
  • “Watch” focuses on live streams and video content
  • “Calendar” shows events and tournaments by day
  • “News” pulls together articles and updates from around the web.

According to the details, the Esports Hub uses an AI system developed by Microsoft Research. The “Watch” section uses machine vision models to analyze tens of thousands of streams in real-time to pick the best ones to show. The model can identify which characters are being played, what map a person is on, and identify other areas that make a stream more or less enticing. In addition to the Esports Hub from MSN, you can also check out the Esports news section of the MSN home page. The MSN home page aggregates articles but doesn’t have the streams or other features seen in the Esports Hub.