NASA’s streaming service NASA Plus will launch next week

We all know NASA for its rockets and space missions. But there is something else for which NASA will now receive recognition. Reportedly, the space agency is going to introduce its streaming service. The streaming service will be available as NASA Plus. It is going to be official on November 8. Previously, the service was under testing in the beta stage. It is now ready to be rolled out to all in the upcoming days.

In contrast to other commercial streaming platforms, the streaming service provided by NASA will be quite different. Notably, NASA Plus is an ad-free and subscription-free streaming service. NASA claims to provide viewers with access to the organization’s Emmy Award-winning live coverage and insights into its missions via a selection of original video programs, some of which will debut with the streaming service.

In addition to this, NASA has also redesigned its app and website, and the new streaming platform is part of the digital transformation of the organization. Even the agency has shared a new trailer that showcases the launch of NASA Plus. It includes footage and clips of Earth and other planets in space.

The inauguration of NASA’s streaming service coincides with a critical moment as the organization prepares to send four astronauts to the Moon in 52 years. It is anticipated that Artemis II will reach the moon in November 2024. We expect that the newly launched NASA Plus streaming service will provide some amazing footage from the astronauts’ historic first lunar landing onboard NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion spacecraft.

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