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Netflix may start $4 mobile-only subscription soon

Netflix has been spotted testing a new subscription service mobile-only which would cost as little as $4. The company is currently testing the subscription plan in Malaysia which limits to access to smartphones and tablets only. Another restriction is the quality of the video which is standard.

Netflix has been burgeoning for the last few years, according to satista the company has 58.46 million subscribers in the United States along as of 2018 and has global online video revenue of 27.4 billion US dollars. The company despite having strong competition from other online streaming services is making a real difference.

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The company has been mulling a new subscription plan to target more audience, the idea might work well for the company hence, it is testing a cheaper mobile-only subscription option.

As the Verge reported, the streaming service is currently in testing phase which restricts users to stream the service in only one mobile device, another restriction is the video quality which is standard instead of HD, might put off users who wish to stream HD video on their High-end high resolution, HD smartphone displays.

According to Netflix, the company is performing the tests in order to understand the consumer preferences and interests, the mobile-only plan is currently being tested in some specific countries, and the company is trying to weed out the competition from other streaming services that offer far low prices than Netflix’s typical $8-$10 plans.

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The company is not focusing on offering mobile-only plans in the US and Europe if the standard definition limit is in place, however, it could change if the mobile-only subscription continues to grow.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings confirmed the plans to Bloomberg four days ago; the CEO said Netflix is focusing on bringing cheaper mobile-only plans in Asia.

The company might offer different prices for different countries as well, the growing competition might also bring the prices further down but Netflix is looking for early market capture with its latest tests.

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