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Netflix Might Launch Cheapest Plan Ever In Pakistan

Netflix is now reportedly testing on the Netflix Cheapest Plan Ever which is specifically designed for Mobile Phones and Tablets.

According to Metro, the company is currently testing the plan for UK customers which will only cost £2.99 a month. This option is super cheap if you are a frequent mobile or tablet user, but the bad news is that you will not be able to use it on larger screens e.g. Laptop, desktop or TV.

The demand for Streaming services is all-time high according to Nielson in a recent report, Netflix is now focused on grabbing more customers due to increasing demand. If we compare the basic UK plan it costs £5.99 a month but you can use it on any screen, mobile, tablet, laptop, or TV.

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The standard plan is a bit more expensive which costs £8.99 a month. The new plan Netflix working on would target more customers e.g. frequent travelers, children, or even people that do not have time to sit around the TV to watch shows so they can easily watch whenever and wherever they are.

It is not clear yet, Netflix’s new plan would be coming to UK or US or even it’s a global plan as Netflix is currently testing the service, however, Michael Pachter for an investment firm told Metro that “Netflix launched a cheaper plan in India a few months ago, they had plans to roll it out in other regions that have poor internet infrastructure, so we can expect countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Possibly Pakistan, Sri Lanka and some parts of South America. He also told that it is not likely that Netflix would launch cheaper plans in the UK and the US.

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