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Netflix not Best for Married Couples, Study


As per a study, Netflix is not best for married couples. As one sits the night to enjoy any random series on Netflix, the no-sleep agreement with your spouse may not be enough for both the partners to enjoy the show without fights.

New research from the University of Lancaster of Warwick and Relational Economics Ltd suggests that streaming and subscription TV providers like Netflix need to take into consideration many factors for ensuring their provided services give value to the customers.

Helen Bruce from Lancaster University says that companies need to think regarding how they could facilitate collaboration among families in their use of the subscription. It added that take for example the potential of using Alexa for identifying areas of value destruction and to intervene—for instance, by identifying when one person talks regularly during a particular programme and sets up a recording so that nothing is missed.

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Recently, Netflix has introduced a spree watching contract for the families and couples to regulate the way the TV is watched together.

The agreement provides 5 rules that binge-watch partners have to sign on with Netflix. These include agreements like:

  • I would not get distracted by the phone, making the other person to rewind as I missed something
  • I would not be falling asleep
  • The show would not be watched without the other person present
  • No talking during the show in case I have gone through the spoiler

Bruce explained that from their research they have identified families that value more than just watching TV together, via the ability to do so and to manage those experiences remains significantly important and a major reason why families continue to spend often major sums of money per month on the TV subscriptions.

The findings indicated that the house values could be destroyed where the actions of one family member are damaging to others.

Streaming service providers need to give resources that are easily merged into the lives of the customers as well as providing reliability and quality.

Bruce concluded that they also require to respond to the common issues, where the patterns of behaviour which cause problems and thus a loss of value are repetitive throughout the users.

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