Netflix Plans To Introduce Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Format—HDR Programs

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Netflix brings good news for couch potatoes, Dolby Atmos surround sound system is on its way—As Netflix features HDR programs announced earlier which elevates the level of satisfaction watching cinema like visuals while sitting in living room, but audio quality is of parallel importance to that experience, both servers as two slices of bread to make a perfect sandwich while you are starving. Netflix without ignoring the role of sound in great user experience has now planned to roll out Dolby Atmos Surround sound format.

What Is Dobly Atmos Surround Sound System

The sound system was first introduced in 2012, Cinemas are normally equipped with Dolby Atmos, a premium quality audio technology that enables the flow of sounds in 360 degree soundscape. Dolby Atmos has now expanded to home theaters, some TV’s premium sound devices, Projectors and headphones also support Dolby Atmos. Microsoft also announced Dolby Atmos support in Xbox back in April. As long as you have Dolby Atmos supported sound system at your home, Netflix would now let you enjoy the premium quality audio in your favorite movies and shows.

As Netflix has just started this service, only one title “Okja” Korean Action movie will support Dolby Atmos. More titles would be added subsequently in the later months including Blame and Death Note.

Another restriction which is currently on is the supported devices, Netflix will only be able to support Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox S to experience Dolby Atmos soundscape. But the company ensures that it will add more devices including some latest OLED TVs.

Netflix to start steaming services in China in collaboration with iQiyi

On demand video streaming services have slow growth over time, this is because the technology when it upgrades it requires hefty requirements of bandwidth and equipment—people probably don’t bother to invest in luxury equipment. Netflix is not the first who is taking this initiative, Walmart’s streaming service has been offering Dolby Atmos since, 2015 on some titles but Netflix’s decision to offer this service would serve as a stepping stone to set the Dolby Atmos as an international standard in on-demand video streaming.