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Netflix reveals the first 8 minutes of Stranger Things season 4


Stranger Things is back for a fourth season. To make subscribers’ mouths water, Netflix uploaded the first 8 minutes of the first episode. We find Dr. Martin Brenner, the torturer van Elf, in a government lab. Stranger Things, the already cult series from the Duffer brothers, is about to make its big comeback on Netflix. The first part of season 4 is indeed broadcast from May 27, 2022 The second part will be offered on the streaming platform on July 1, 2022. Ahead of the broadcast, Netflix is ​​stepping up its promotional campaign intended to announce the fourth season. Much to the delight of fans, the current VOD leader has uploaded the first 8 minutes of the first episode on Youtube.

Watch the first 8 minutes of Season 4 of Stranger Things

In the series, which takes place in 1979, we find a character well known to lovers of the series, dr. Martin Brenner, the scientist who conducted experiments on Elf. Still played by Matthew Modine, the sinister doctor is shown in his morning routine, carrying a crossword, a razor, and a cup of tea.

After getting dressed, Dr. Brenner to a disturbing government complex in Hawkins. in a lab, several children with an appearance similar to Elf in the first season, spend time in an austere playroom. Brenner then appears and exchanges a few words with one of his guinea pigs. He then imposes routine tests on the child to detect telepathic abilities. During the experiment, the boy begins to panic. Disturbing visions force themselves upon him.

As the tests continue, Dr. Brenner yells for help from outside the room. The establishment is apparently being attacked by creatures… To find out the rest, you have to wait until May 27. For the record, the fourth season of Stranger Things is important in 9 episodes. According to the Duffer brothers, some episodes are real feature films: they last more than two hours.