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Netflix Starts Spatial Audio Support For iOS Devices


Apple’s 3D audio function “Spatial Audio” is now also being launched for the streaming provider Netflix. This means that there is a virtual 3D surround sound effect for movies and series simply on Apple’s stereo headphones.

Netflix has confirmed that the iPhone and iPad apps will receive support for Spatial Audio. With Spatial Audio, Apple launched its own alternative to Dolby Atmos for Headphones and enables immersive surround sound with the AirPods Pro and Max. This means that the sound “moves” with the listener and thus allows a 3D effect. Apple offers the spatial audio feature for Apple Music or Apple TV, for example. The new sound effect started with iOS 14 last fall.

Available since iOS 14 but not supported

However, Netflix users have so far had to do without the 3D sound on the iPhone or iPad. A Netflix spokesman has now confirmed to 9to5Mac that the company has started to introduce spatial audio support. First subscribers with iPhones and AirPods can already try it out. However, the support will be released gradually, so that not all users will be able to try out the 3D sound at the start.

To use Spatial Audio with the Netflix app on the iPhone or iPad, you must first pair AirPods Pro or Max. Spatial Audio can then be selected in the iOS control center. You simply click on the button and the audio transmission is switched accordingly.

“Spatialize Stereo”

A user at Reddit noticed the start of Spatial Audio support by accident and published the notice. Netflix itself had not announced anything in advance – it may also be that it is only a test of the function. Netflix has now at least mentioned to 9to5mac that it is a “slow” introduction in the coming weeks. iOS 15 takes Spatial Audio to the next level with a new Spatialize Stereo option that simulates the Spatial Audio experience for non-Dolby Atmos content.

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