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Networks employing vRAN can be automated with Samsung’s new solution

Something interesting is coming from the South Korean tech giant regarding the lifecycle management of vRAN. vRAN abbreviates for Virtualized Radio Access Network. As per some recent reports, Samsung has managed to provide a solution for the life cycle management of vRAN. The new solution is termed Samsung Cloud Orchestra. It has been developed by Samsung Networks, Samsung Electronics’ communication and networking equipment manufacturing arm. Reportedly, the new solution will be installed to systematize the lifecycle management of large-scale vRAN utilized in mobile networks.

In this way, the tech giant will be able to manage hundreds to thousands of cell sites based on the SCO from a single platform. It will help in simplifying the onboarding, deployment, and operation processes of vRANs. It provides support for both public and private clouds. Therefore, an extremely flexible scaling option for operators is provided. Furthermore, it can be programmed to fit several deployment scenarios.

Samsung Cloud Orchestrator for vRAN enables network operators to enhance network efficiency and flexibility

In the initial phase, the company has provided the SCO for virtualized RAN to Tier 1 cellular network operators. These network operators are based in Asia, Europe, and North America. such technology will assist them in the manual automation of intensive tasks from the beginning of the vRAN’s lifecycle. Users will be able to view and manage the network status via a unified platform.

The major processes of SCO for the vRAN begin with onboarding. During onboarding,  packages will be mounted at each site. Followed by onboarding they will be automatically deployed at a planned time frame. Besides this, the next deployment process involves releasing a large group of vRAN packages with a single click from a single location. Furthermore, SCO for vRAN can deliver automatic software updates, healing, and scaling in order to maintain the stability and resistance of each network in ideal conditions.

According to the Executive VP and Head of R&D at Samsung Networks, June Moon, This is a part of Samsung’s effort to use our extensive commercial vRAN deployment expertise to create and introduce user-friendly solutions that advance vRAN.

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