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Samsung assists Verizon to install 10,000 5G vRAN sites in the US

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Verizon is a US-based network operator. Where Samsung is a South Korean firm known for its smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and other such products. In 2020, a deal was signed between Samsung and Verizon. This deal was meant for the provision of 5G vRAN solutions by Samsung to Verizon. Thus, aiding the carrier built its 5G network in the country. As of August 2022, Verizon had around 8,000 functional vRAN sites in the US.

Now, both brands have achieved another target. The South Korean firm declared that it has delivered around 10,000 vRAN sites for Verizon. By 2025 the target of deploying 20,000 vRAN sites will be accomplished.

In accordance with Samsung Networks, its vRAN solutions enable the operators to perform network functions as well as deliver those services that were previously impossible, or were difficult to be delivered by standard RAN sites. In a press release, Samsung Networks mentioned that their vRAN is O-RAN compatible. It can run 2G, 4G, and 5G networks. Furthermore, it can operate 4G and 5G operations side by side. They stated that Virtualised RAN is environment friendly. It permits low power consumption by turning off the energy required for antennas, cell sites, and amplifiers.

At the beginning of the following month, Verizon declared that they now offer 5G UW service to around 175 million people in the US. The company intends to extend 5G Ultra Wideband nationwide by Q1 2023.

In addition to the collaboration between Samsung and Verizon, the company has now been associated with Ericsson for 5G vRAN solutions. It is referred to as Ericsson Cloud RAN. As of Thursday, the network operator stated that it had installed the first Ericsson vRAN cell site in the US.