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New “Bad Rabbit” Ransomware hits Russia and Ukraine

A new round of ransomware named “Bad Rabbit” has been discovered spreading across Russia, Ukraine and some other countries.

The new strain of ransomware malware has reportedly affected the systems attacking 3 major Russian websites, an underground railway system in the capital of Ukraine as well as the airport.

When asked, Cyber Security chief in Ukraine confirmed to Reuters that “Bad Rabbit” ransom has started affecting the system in Ukraine.

According to the details, the new “Bad Rabbit” has the reminiscence of previous WannaCry ransomware and Petya ransomware which affected millions of computers worldwide earlier this year.

However, nothing is confirmed about this new threat, how long it will stay around and how far it could spread out.

Russia has been the serious affectee of the recent attack, “Some of the companies in Russia have been paralyzed entirely locking down the servers and workstations—Head of Russian Cyber Security Firm Group-IB IIya Sachkov told TASS news.

Two of the Russian affected sites are declared to be Fontanka and Interfax.

The United States on the other side confirms that they have received multiple complaints about Bad Rabbit ransomware spreading in other countries across the world. The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness team sends a message to companies around the world not to pay any ransom to these cybercriminals.

Kaspersky claims that most of the targeted attacks are located in Russian, some of the similar attacks also hit Germany, Ukraine, and Turkey according to our data, said Kaspersky.

Again the locked computers are demanded with a bitcoin payment of $280 per computer. The malware remains undetected by various anti-virus programs. Security firm Eset claims that the virus is spread through a fake Adobe flash update.

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