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Millions of Internet connected cameras fall into prey

According to security researchers, millions of devices having internet connectivity are gone into someone’s control and nothing is done about them.

During the last year, hackers arranged and used a group of hacked devices to attack some most common and high profile websites on the internet including, Netflix, Twitter and Spotify. Now the threat is even more frightening which researchers have discovered recently.

The new hacked group of devices dubbed “Botnet” was discovered by security researchers at the cybersecurity company named Netlab 360. The security company names the group of hacked devices “Reaper”.

The researchers discovered that Reaper is more powerful than the previously discovered Botnet “Mirai” last year. The Reaper has the ability to infect computers faster than ever and it appears to be the biggest of its kind, ZD net explains.

However, Reaper is not used to attack anything as yet, but the researchers said, the way it is infecting devices around the globe including almost two million internet-connected cameras and DVR’s is quite alarming.

The group of devices can be used to generate gigantic cyber-attack that could be anything from DDoS to much larger attack the researchers warn.

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