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New Floating Design Menu Discovered In Windows 10 21H2 Sun Valley Update

Windows 10 21H2

In addition to rounded corners, a so-called “floating design” appears to be becoming a reality for the start and taskbar menus under Windows 10 21H2 (Sun Valley). After the first mockups, the floating menus are now shown in the current Insider Previews of the update.

With the next big Windows 10 patch in the fall, Microsoft wants to offer a system-wide ” optical rejuvenation ” to give its operating system a fresh coat of paint. Various concept screenshots and new symbols within the first alpha and beta tests have already shown that a well-rounded design will be used here. As the software engineer TheXamIGuy found out as Windows Latest reported, the planned floating menus are already being tested.

Mockups confirmed: Microsoft is testing floating context menus

In the first step, new context menus (jump list) were activated, which open when you right-click on programs in the taskbar. These are not docked to the bar as usual but are freely floating above it. A design change that was already shown in the first mock-up images, but is now appearing for the first time in the wild. So far, however, a detour is necessary for you to see the new menus. The experimental flag “JumpListRestyledAcrylic” must be activated in “ShellExperienceHost.exe” via Visual Studio.

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As part of the Windows 10 21H2 update (Sun Valley), Microsoft is expected to expand its new floating design to include the info center, the time and calendar area, and the sound and network settings within the taskbar. In addition, the big patch in autumn brings new features for the task manager and the aero shake function along with many design changes. An exact release date has not yet been set. In addition, Microsoft will publish the much smaller Windows 10 21H1 update in advance.