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Windows 10 Patch April 2021 Creating Problems For Users

There were many improvements in Windows 10 when The Windows 10 Patch Day in April 2021 was released, however, improvements brought various problems too, and roses always have thrones, you just need to pick them to avoid pain. Among other things, users report on frame drops (fps), crashes and blue screens (BSOD) in connection with games. So far there is not an immediate fix to the problem but only an uninstall seems to help.

It was reported yesterday on Reddit, there are increasing voices about errors in the latest Windows 10 patch, which was released in the form of the KB5001330 update on April 13, 2021. This is still available for download for Microsoft Windows versions 20H2 and 2004 and is causing (slight) excitement, especially in the gaming community. After installing the update, some users experience a drastic reduction in frames per second (FPS). There is also talk of lag and faltering image reproduction. The problems seem to have been increasing since the end of March.

Problems With VSync and Nvidia Graphics Drivers

According to Ghacks, the errors could be due to several causes. The published Windows 10 updates, starting with KB5000842 (March 29), are said to continue to have bugs in vertical synchronization (VSync). Patch Day in April is only likely to have increased the number of users affected. Likewise, compatibility issues between the KB5001330 update and the current are Nvidia Game Ready driver in version 466.11 cannot be excluded. Especially when this is obtained directly via the driver installation of the Windows update service and GeForce GTX / RTX graphics cards of the 2000 and 3000 series are used.

In the case of a strong FPS minimization, crashes or even blue screens (BSOD) while playing games, only uninstalling the KB5001330 seems to help at the moment. This can be initiated via the update history of Windows 10. Players who have not yet performed the latest update should keep their distance for the time being. In many cases, the installation of the patch currently fails anyway because it is aborted prematurely with the unresolved error codes 0x800f081f, 0x800f0984 or 0x800f0922.