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New Fritz Lab Update Fixes Streaming Application Issue

The network specialist AVM has published updates for almost all FritzBoxes that are currently in beta testing. However, the changes are limited – perhaps a sign that the final release can’t be too long. The changes in the new Fritz Labor 7.39 are mainly bug fixes.

The company is now launching a new experimental preliminary version with enhanced features for users of the FritzBox models 7530, 7590, 7590 AX, 6591 Cable, 6690 Cable, and 6660 Cable. The updates fix issues with streaming applications and when selecting a manually selected channel that is blocked by radar (only for FritzBox 7590 and 6591). All other changes in the lab update are unspecified “stability improvements”.

Some models will undergo further device-specific changes. We’ve included the changes as an example from the FritzBox 7590AX release notes at the end of the article. Details on the respective beta updates can be found on the AVM website for the laboratory program or directly in the beta packs that can be downloaded there. You will also find useful tips for using the beta versions and getting started as a beta tester.

The following new versions are available: 07.39-97059 for the FritzBox 7590 AX, 07.39-97058 for the 7590, 07.39-97060 for the 7530, 07.39-97064 for the 6690 Cable, 07.39-97061 for the 6591 Cable and 07.39-97063 for the 6660 cables. Users of any of the mentioned Fritz models can download the new update directly. The updates are available as download packs containing all important information about using the beta version on the AVM website providing It is only available for free versions of the FritzBoxes. Provider-bound models usually cannot use the lab updates.

Further improvements in FritzOS

  • internet:
  • Change:
  • Removed obsolete entries from the list of Internet access providers
  • Created:
  • Fixed issues when selecting a manually chosen channel that was blocked by radar (7590, 6591)
  • Fixed issues with streaming applications (multicast) (7590 AX)

Testers must provide feedback

AVM asks the volunteer testers for feedback on the improvements and the changes in general. Many thanks to the numerous news channels.

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