New Mac Tool Will Port Windows Games To Mac


AAA games for Apple? So far rather non-existent. Apple now wants to change that fundamentally and is presenting a beta version of a toolkit that is intended to make it easier for gaming developers to port their games from Windows PC to Mac.

Apple is in the process of significantly increasing its commitment to high-end gaming on the Mac. The group announced the toolkit for gaming developers at WWDC.

It consists of an emulation environment designed to run an existing, unmodified Windows game on the Mac. This should enable developers to better evaluate how well the game might run on macOS before actually starting the coding work.

Toolkit plus converter

Apple is offering developers a new metal shader converter that makes it easy to convert a Windows game’s shaders and graphics code to run on Macs with Apple silicon chips.

According to the announcement, the toolkit and converter will reduce the overall development time required to port games to Mac from several months to just a few days. This basically makes it feasible for every developer to make their game available for Mac users as well.

Developers interested in porting their Windows games to the Mac will receive a video tutorial (“Bring your game to Mac”). There is more information on the developer’s website.

A beta version of the toolkit is available for download from the Apple Developer website. MacOS Sonoma will also launch a new game mode this fall that temporarily prioritizes CPU and GPU performance for gaming. Game Mode also lowers AirPods audio latency and reduces input latency on popular third-party game controllers by doubling the Bluetooth sampling rate, Apple says. With it, one can seriously think about running games on the Apple machine.

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