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New Microsoft Office App Loop Starts Its Preview

The long-awaited Notion competitor Microsoft Loop is now starting its first public test phase. As part of Microsoft 365, the new Workspaces platform connects content from apps such as Teams, Outlook, Word, Excel, and To-Do. in order to share it in a central location for professional or private collaboration and to edit it together.

More than just a Notion competitor

Under the motto “Think, plan and create together”, Microsoft Loop is a child of the pandemic that is intended to network teams even in times of hybrid work. In the classic sense, Loop can be viewed as a project manager that feels similar or a combination of Notion, Evernote, Asana, Trello, Google Docs, and Slack – complete with chat and reactions with colleagues and friends.

Microsoft breaks Loop down into three main elements. Projects and teams are divided into workspaces. They serve as a kind of overview of all content that is added to the underlying loop pages. Be its to-do lists, files, e-mails, tables, whiteboards, or the templates provided by Microsoft.

The Redmonders can stand out from the competition not only because of the interlocking with their own Microsoft 365 ecosystem but above all with the so-called loop components. With them, selected snippets can be exported as real-time modules and used and edited in all Microsoft apps. A to-do list can therefore not only be used within Loop but also in Outlook, and Word- with live synchronization to the entire team.

So you can start using Microsoft Loop today

Microsoft Loop is currently available as a preview version for all Microsoft 365 users, regardless of whether they are participating with a private or business account. For the latter, however, the activation of an administrator may be required in order to take part in the test phase. So far, it can only be used via the browser, apps for desktop, Android, and iOS will follow. The same applies to the artificial intelligence of the Microsoft Copilot, which is already being put through its paces by Loop insiders.

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