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Microsoft updates for Windows 11’s screenshot privacy bug

Microsoft has released some efficient updates to address a bug. This security flaw is named “aCropalypse” and was present in the screenshot editing applications of Windows 10 and Windows 11. As per reported information from Bleeping Computer, the testing for this flaw was under way at the start of this week. This bug was detected by retired software engineer Chris Blume.

Microsoft has started rolling out its latest updates to the public for the window 11 snipping tool, along with the windows 10 snip and sketch tools, by Friday evening. As the update was recommended to be installed by the company itself, The update can be installed from the library of the Microsoft Store by heading to “Get updates.

The aCropalypse vulnerability was first identified on Pixel smartphones, and Google then fixed it in the most current March security update for Android. It turns out that the Snipping Tool in Windows 11 wasn’t properly overwriting clipped PNG data. Although not all PNG files were impacted, it was feared that malicious actors would use the flaw to partially recover modified photos, especially those that had been cropped to exclude crucial information. Microsoft’s fixes won’t shield photographs that were previously taken with its screenshot capabilities, similar to Google’s March update to Android.

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