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New ride hailing service Safr Is Launching In Pakistan

After Careem, Uber, A-taxi, and Paxi another ride hailing service is launching in Pakistan. Safr is a US based ride-sharing service that is starting operation in Pakistan now.

The salient features of this service are that its focus is on empowering women and providing them a safe ride.

For this purpose Safr drivers go through a thorough background check, it is made sure they don’t have a criminal record.

Also, Safr will offer its customers with an emergency button called Safr SOS button. If you press this button, emergency services and a pre-determined emergency contact at Safr will know that you are feeling unsafe in your ride and will know your location for counter measures.

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The tagline of GoSafr is “Transforming Neighborhood into Sisterhood”.  It is specifically targeted for women, not just to provide them with a secure ride but also empower them by providing them with job opportunities.

Safr claims that their drivers are paid more than the standard industry rates so it asks individuals to join hands with them.

In the tough competition of ride sharing apps in Pakistan with Careem, Uber & similar options for people would Safr make its mark or will it be a failure?

The service has already come up with an offer for the users.


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