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New Windows 10 UI: Microsoft Redesigns Windows 10 Menu With Rounded Corners

Windows 10 Menu

With Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a new design in many ways, but that doesn’t mean that the user interface is no longer improved. In the future, there will not only be an improved start menu, but also other new UI elements.

Fine-tuning the user interface

In connection with the Windows 10 user interface, people like to talk about a “new” design and “major” changes that are to be expected in the near future, but this should probably be seen relatively. Because of course, you shouldn’t expect a completely new look here, but rather an extended fine-tuning.

This applies to the revised start menu on the one hand, and to other elements that the newly created Windows 10 teams under the leadership of Panos Panay tackle on the other. Microsoft recently started to equip apps with rounded corners, including the Windows 10 applications for photos, calendars, maps, film & TV, sticky notes, and the calculator according to Windows Latest.

However, this does not affect the respective app itself, but the context menus that you get when you right-click within the applications. However, we could not discover these everywhere (only in the calculator and the photos and film /TV apps) – it is common to distribute such changes gradually.

The change is more or less subtle, but in comparison to the previous “sharp” corners, the revised look is still clearly visible. Really new or surprising, however, these changes are not because Microsoft has already over a year ago for the first time under new XAML specifications for interface elements in Windows 10 announced.

So far, there have only been a few round corners, but sooner or later this UI element should be found throughout the system. How long this “soft” introduction will take is not known, but we assume that it will take a while.

 Via Windows Latest
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