Next year, Prime Video will include ads

Prime Video by Amazon offers access to tons of content without ads. It is one of the most famous streaming services. Well, this is about to change. According to the information shared by Phone Arena, next year Amazon Prime Video will introduce ads.

Just a few years ago, we found it quite funny to have ads on streaming platforms like Disney+ and Netflix. But it happened over the course of time. Notably, the above-mentioned services introduced ad-supported plans just last year. As of now, Amazon is all set to debut its ad-supported tiers. According to the company’s announcement, the ads will be introduced to the US, the UK, Germany, and the Canadian market by early next year.

Later in 2024, the plan will be implemented in France, Mexico, Italy, Australia, and Spain. The company states that limited ads will be shown on the content. Currently, there are no details about the ads. So, we can’t predict whether it will be better compared to other services or what the situation might be.

You can pay an additional $2.99 on top of your membership to prevent commercials if you don’t want to deal with them on yet another platform. The cost difference between Disney+’s ad-supported and ad-free tiers is essentially the same. The way the business handles the ads will determine if it’s a good bargain or not.

It is anticipated that Amazon’s plans and services will be similar to those of its competitors. Ads could be presented before and during the shows and movies. The company states that users will be notified weeks before displaying the ads.

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