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NextCloud Files Complaint Against Microsoft In Europe

EU Commission

The cloud storage company Nextcloud now wants to take action against Microsoft at the EU level. The Redmond-based company is accused of exploiting a dominant position. The group recently filed a complaint with the Federal Cartel Office.

Problems With OneDrive And Teams Integration

As ZDNet writes, Nextcloud and about 30 other companies have complained to the European Commission about Microsoft’s practices. The Redmond-based company is said to violate competition law by delivering services such as OneDrive and Teams in a bundle with Windows 10 and 11, integrating them deep into the operating systems, and aggressively advertising them there. This prevents third-party applications from entering the market.

The Nextcloud alliance would like to persuade the EU to ban Microsoft from selling its own programs together with Windows 11. This means that products such as OneDrive should no longer be preinstalled. In addition, the Redmond company should be prohibited from integrating advertising for their own services into the operating system. This is intended to impose less software on users so that a more independent choice is possible and third-party tools are not disadvantaged.

It will take time

So far it is still unclear how the responsible committee of the EU Commission will decide. It is conceivable that corporations within the European Union will soon no longer be allowed to deliver their operating systems in a bundle with their own software. However, it could still take some time until a decision is reached. Of course, it is to be expected that Microsoft will defend itself against the complaint pending a final judgment.

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