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Nikon Launches Z50 Portable Mirrorless DSLR Camera

Nikon Z50 Mirrorless

Nikon launches its first Mirrorless DX-format DSLR Camera, the camera also shoots 4K video and has built-in editing functions; the cameras would be available for purchase from November with two new Nikkor Z lenses.

This is the first time Nikon has launched a portable DX-format mirrorless camera, Nikon’s competitors e.g. Sony, Cannon have already launched their respective mirrorless cameras, however, Nikon is a bit late in the market but quite impressive this time.

The new Z50 camera uses two Z mount lenses that come with the purchase, the lenses are enough to take stunning images and high-quality 4K videos. The Nikon Z50 will go on sale from November for $859.95, the camera is lightweight which comes with two Nikkor Z lenses, a 16-50mm compact zoom lens, and 50-250mm telephoto zoom lens.

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The price of $859.95 is only for the camera, however, if you take one kit lens 16-50mm you will $999.95 and both kit lenses including Nikkor Z DX 50-250mm for $1349.95, the camera is also compatible with F-mount SLR lenses using FTZ adapter.

Nikon Z50 is built with a 14-ounce magnesium alloy frame and DX-format 20.9 megapixels CMOS sensor for sharp images and colors. The mirrorless system allows 11fps continuous shooting, silent shutter, and marvelous low light performance.

Nikon has enhanced the video capability of its camera, Z50 comes with full HD 4K video shooting with 120p slow motion, time-lapse and image stabilization. It has built-in editing effects with dozens of creative controls and special effects.

The camera also has a selfie function inspired by the latest smartphones, with face forwarding screen, selfie mode becomes active while disabling other functions. The camera has built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and SnapBridge connectivity. There are a lot of other features to look at and explore in the Nikon Z50 mirrorless camera, you can visit the official website for a more detailed review.

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