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Nintendo sells 107 million switch consoles and expects demand to fall

At the end of the first quarter, Nintendo, as always, spoke openly about the number of Nintendo Switch units sold as part of its quarterly figures. After 4.11 million switches were sold in the first three months of this year, a total of 107.65 million units of the game console have now been sold.

Chip crisis affecting

At Nintendo, the fiscal year always ends at the end of March, so the Switch sold 23.06 million units in the past fiscal year 2022. Compared to the 2021 financial year, this is a decrease of about 20 percent, which officially justifies Nintendo with supply bottlenecks due to the global chip crisis. Unlike Sony’s PlayStation 5, the Nintendo Switch is now almost always back in the shops without any problems. The new Switch OLED is also usually available shortly after its market launch in the fall of 2021, after which it was initially always out of stock or only available well above the suggested retail price.

Classic Switch The best-seller

The approximately 23 million units sold in the past fiscal year are broken down among the three available Nintendo Switch models as follows:

  • Switch OLED: 5.8 million copies
  • Switch: 13.6 million copies
  • Switch Lite: 3.7 million copies

In terms of games, the Pokémon games proved to be the driving force, with a total of 30 million copies. With a total of 235.07 million games sold for the Switch within 12 months, Nintendo managed to set a record in this regard as well.

Falling sales are expected next year too

For the new fiscal year that started in April, Nintendo expects a further decline in Nintendo Switch sales – forecasting around 21 million units sold in the current fiscal year.

Switch is Nintendo’s most successful console

In the last quarter, the Switch had already replaced the Wii as Nintendo’s most successful console in terms of sales, as the Wii officially sold 101.63 million units. The two handhelds Nintendo DS and Game Boy are not taken into account. The Nintendo DS is sold at 154.9 million and the Game Boy at 118.7 million. The Switch remains fifth in the console rankings, behind PlayStation 2 (157.7 million), Nintendo DS, Game Boy, and PlayStation 4 (117.2 million).