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Sonos Roam leak suggests vibrant new colors soon


The Sonos leaks continue, with the latest featuring the Roam portable speaker. After the recent surfacing of the apparent Sonos Ray soundbar and the Sonos Voice AI assistant, it may seem a little underwhelming. But, for fans of the Sonos Roam, it looks like you’ll have some new colors to buy it in very soon.

It’s not really a leak, though there are some leaked images out there courtesy of Reddit. One retailer in South America has already outed the newest arrivals it seems, with red, olive, and light blue all on deck. This follows an email being sent to Sonos’ mailing list subscribers — including yours truly — which is pictured above. The wording is suggestive, but not clear cut, but when you dive into the details a bit more it seems nailed on.

When you open the web version of that email and have a little poke around inside the developer settings in the browser, there’s a clear reference to “Roamcolors_Teaser”. So that’s that, then.

References to Sonos Roam colors in the email being sent to subscribers.

Currently, the Sonos Roam is only available in white and black so any additional hues are most welcome. There’s no indication that anything else is new about these forthcoming versions, but with everything else we’ve heard of upcoming Sonos products, not everything can be a headline-grabber. There’s also still the question of price since ‘special’ colors can sometimes come with a premium over the regular models.

Whatever actually is the case we don’t have long to wait. Based on the countdown in my own email, it looks like all will be revealed on May 11 around 10 a.m. Pacific time over on Sonos’ website. The Sonos Roam is a neat little smart speaker. Not only is it wireless and very portable, but it’s also rugged and rated for outdoor use, supports Apple’s AirPlay 2, has Alexa and Google Assistant built-in, and has pretty solid battery life. If you always fancied one but black or white wasn’t for you, stay tuned.

A portable Sonos smart speaker with Alexa, Google Assistant, and AirPlay built inside its ruggedized, compact body.

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