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Nokia 105 4G Goes On Sale Officially For $35

Nokia 105 4G

At the end of June, Nokia brought a brand new feature phone: Nokia 105 4G. It supports voice broadcast, large-character icons, dual 4G full, etc. It is officially on sale today at a price of $35. As a classic device, the global sales volume of the Nokia 105 series has exceeded 200 million units. According to the official introduction, the “200 million sales” here refers to the total global sales of the first generation in 2013, the second generation in 2015, the third generation in 2017, and the fourth generation in 2019. It is the latest fifth generation.

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In 2021, the new Nokia 105 4G ushered in “leapfrog progress”. It supports Alipay mobile payment, China Unicom, Telecom 4G, and VoLTE high-definition voice calls. It adopts a dual nano-SIM card slot design and supports dual card dual 4G.

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For the first time with the smartphone, Nokia integrates two steps to open mobile payment. Users can also switch different payment modes and set daily consumption limits and other management to ensure payment security. Nokia 105 4G is available in black, blue, and red. It supports a one-key flashlight, built-in “Classic Snake”, wireless external radio, and can set eight family numbers.