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Nokia Continues Patents War With Oppo And Peace With Apple


As Nokia continues to vigorously pursue patent claims against Oppo and several other Chinese smartphone brands, the company is now announcing a new, long-term deal with Apple. So the Finns continue to earn money on every iPhone.

As Nokia announced last week, a new patent agreement has been reached with Apple, under which the Finnish mobile communications and network supplier will continue to license various patented technologies to the US computer group for “several years”.

So Nokia gets paid a small fee in the form of a license fee for all devices from Apple that use its patented technologies. The two parties did not reveal the exact details of the new patent agreement, citing appropriate non-disclosure clauses.

Oppo loses with a counterclaim against Nokia

However, Nokia made it clear that the new agreement replaces an existing patent agreement with Apple that expires towards the end of 2023. The agreement concerns “fundamental inventions” involving devices with 5G modems and other technologies. Meanwhile, Nokia’s patent war with Chinese smartphone maker Oppo continues.

According to Nokia, Oppo suffered a defeat in the Mannheim district court because the judges dismissed a lawsuit alleging that certain Nokia devices infringe a certain Oppo patent. The judges issued their verdict shortly after hearing the case, concluding that Nokia is not infringing Oppo’s patent for Europe.

Apparently, Oppo had tried to gain an advantage in the struggle for the license fees demanded by Nokia for various patents by asserting claims itself. The Oppo, Vivo, Realme, and OnePlus brands are currently unable to sell their smartphones in Germany because Nokia has obtained prohibition orders from German courts due to patent infringements resulting from the failure to pay license fees.

In the meantime, this has had drastic consequences, because the four brands, all of which belong to the Chinese group BBK, have almost completely stopped their activities in Germany due to the sales bans. The four brands in this country actually wanted to make a big start after the US embargo against Huawei.