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HMD will manufacture Nokia smartphones in Europe


Just a few days ago, HMD Global declared that 5G Nokia smartphones will now be manufactured in Europe. With this decision, HMD Global has become the first smartphone manufacturer that adopted this approach. The overall process will be carried out in phases. It will be a slow and steady process. Reportedly, it will begin in Q3 2023. Moreover, the company is planning to increase its investment in European facilities.

The company has observed an increase in demand in the smartphone sector in Europe. The recent step is a method to lessen the carbon footprint. Side by side it will ensure the devices’ security and privacy as well. Furthermore, the company stated that its data centers are situated in Finland since 2019. Moreover, HMD will observe strict conditions for testing and manufacturing devices in the European Union.

Nokia changes its logo for the first time in 60 years

Just a few months ago, we heard that the telecom equipment arm of Nokia has been taken over by Pekka Lundmark. Reportedly, the new CEO introduced a new three-phase plan. The plan included the reset, accelerate, and scale phases. Going by the first phase of the plan, the company is directing acceleration. It is reported that the company is initiating the change with the logo. Marking the shift in strategy, for the first time in 60 years, the company is changing its logo. Reportedly, the company is scrapping the blue color. Hen what color is the company going to specify for the logo? Well, no specific color. The color of the logo will depend on the situation.

Nokia is a business technology company

The CEO states that Nokia is not just a smartphone company rather he refers to Nokia as a “business technology company”. He added that once there was a close association between the company and smartphones. but now, Nokia is a business tech company.

Besides the growth in the telecom equipment business, the company is focusing on marketing and selling gear to other businesses. These consist of private 5G networks and equipment for automated factories. Such strategies will make the company a direct competitor to Amazon and Microsoft in their respective field. The CEO states that the company will enter other growth areas soon.

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