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Non-Snapdragon devices are at risk of GPU exploits

Given the language of codes, no code is perfect. Whenever gaps are found, attackers invade the spaces and take advantage. A chance of opening the floodgates to an unauthorized third party for fully accessing the device is provided. Fortunately, no such situation arises. Since the risks and vulnerabilities are either addressed beforehand or as soon as the problem strikes. This is one of the main reasons why a timely security patch is a must-have for an Android phone. with that being said, if your device holds Mali GPU, then you are required to be extra cautious. Since plugs for some currently disclosed security holes are making their way across devices.

The security research team of Google’s Project Zero shared in a blog post about the exploits found in the driver of Arm’s Mali GPU. mobile devices chipsets from Google (Tensor), Samsung (Exynos), and MediaTek holding the GPU may be impacted. Comparatively, the devices based on a Snapdragon SoC are not much affected since they feature Qualcomm’s own Adreno GPU design. One member of Project Zero completed an audit on the Mali GPU driver. This was done in response to a previous exploit. The exploit was patched and a presentation on the vulnerability was presented at FirstCon22 in June.

As per Google, the five issues were reported to ARM months ago. Though, the issues were disclosed and fixed at the same time [July] in the driver’s source. Later the downstream testing revealed that the fixes did not make the user builds. Thus, rendering the devices still vulnerable to such exploits. Even the Tensor-equipped Google Pixel phones are impacted.

We hope that security fixes will be released as soon as possible. As of now, the companies are required to take these patches as part of future security patch requirements.

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