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Apple iPhone 7 put to the test

Apple iPhone 7

Now that consumers have their hands on Apple iPhone 7 it is time to see whether everything Apple is claiming about iPhone 7 is true or not. Apple iPhone 7 claims that it is water resistant and is not easy to scratch. Users know about the software of the iPhone 7 but testing the hardware is just as important. After all, Apple’s iPhone 7 are prone to breakage.

Apple iPhone 7 might tolerate a lot of scratches

Apple has already issue warnings about the Jet Black iPhone 7 and how it is prone to scratch. It hasn’t updated users about the matte black finish or any other color. The task of testing Apple iPhone 7 to their claims was led by famous Youtuber JerryRigEverything. Jerry subjected the iPhone 7 to a series of torture tests just like he does with every other tech gadget.

The Verge reports that tests reveal that iPhone 7 in fact is very scratch resistant. The scratch resistant test was conducted on the screen, back cover, Home key and camera lens. When subjected to scratches by a coin and keys it resisted. It means that the phone is very safe to carry in pockets and would resist scratches on its body. The scratch test however, was not up to mark when subjected to a blade.


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Now, the scratch resistance test is based on Mohs scale. It is a scale used to judge the hardness of minerals and is used to test the hardness of minerals. Apple claims that iPhone 7 has sapphire crystal lens which means that on Mohs scale it can survive up to a 9. In the test it scratched at level 6 which means that Apple might be lying about crystal lens.

Apple phones do not bend that easy but it seems that the water resistant adhesive might not stick which can cause problem to the durability.

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