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Nothing company is ready to roll out the new Nothing ear (2)

Nothing company owned by Carl Pei seems to be on its way to new releases. Last year the company introduced a pair of headphones and named them Nothing ear (1) buds. It now seems that5 a new model is on its way to the market. Some information and news have unveiled the design of Nothing ear (2) buds.

When comparing the two devices, we come to know that design changes are minimal. The overall look of the product seems aesthetic owing to its transparent case. Both versions of the earphones hold this casing. One of the most obvious changes between the two brands is the appearance of the label. Compared to earbuds (1) which showcase the logo of Nothing on their stem, earbuds (2) seem to have the ‘ear (2)’ branding on their stem. Sadly, no more updates regarding the hardware and other specs of the upcoming device are available.

Regardless of the current situation, we know that soon new earbuds set will be announced by Carl Pei’s company. Moreover, the buds were already advertised during London Fashion Week. Furthermore, the company has made another claim regarding its weight. They have remarked that weight is one of the core features of the new earbuds set. The latest earbuds are designed keeping in view their usage for the whole day. Owing to these details and specifications, they are known to just weigh about 4.4 grams.

Well, it is to be noted that Nothing Ear (stick) and Nothing ear (2) are two different products. Nothing ear (2) is expected to launch soon. In the current scenario, a price hike in Nothing ear (1) has been announced by the company. In the meantime, we must wait for the official launch and observe the trend.