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Nothing Has 4 New devices In The Works, Appoints New Design Director


We suffered through all of the jokes and memes about the Nothing Ear(1) earbuds. Well, the company is not looking to stop there, as there are 4 more Nothing products planned to launch in the near future. Also, to help with this, the company appointed a new design director, and he’s got quite the track record.

Despite its name, Nothing really has something to offer

Back in 2020 a cofounder for OnePlus, Carl Pei, started his own tech brand called Nothing and released a set of earbuds a year later. The Nothing Ear(1) earbuds were able to ship over 400,000 units, which is good for a startup’s first product. The $99 earbuds have the distinction of having a clear design with a noticeable red dot on the side. The thinking behind these earbuds is that they’re so light that it feels like “Nothing” is on your ears.

Nothing is planning on launching 4 new devices in the near future

Since Nothing’s first device was positively received, we’re all looking forward to what the company will produce down the line. Right now, there’s no word on what these new devices will be, so this is all speculation. The company will more than likely give us another iteration of its earbuds. It’s possible that these devices could be different variants of the same product with varying specs.On the other hand, we also can’t rule out more ambitious products. Since there’s no word on what the company is making, the possibilities are open. Carl Pei co-founded OnePlus, remember? Who knows if we could be getting a Nothing-branded phone sometime in the next couple of years?  Right now, all we can do is wait on the next round of rumors and leaks to pop up.

Nothing appointed a new design director

In another bit of news, Nothing appointed Adam Bates as the new design director. Bates is an ex-design director that worked at Dyson for an impressive 14 years. According to Carl Pei, Bates ” played a key role in shaping the Dyson design legacy.” That makes sense, as Dyson is a brand that’s known for its iconic vacuum designs. You can recognize their products from a mile away.This is a really good move on Nothing’s part because it shows that the company is looking to make quality products. The company is not looking to slow down with its progress, so it will need to hire top talent to push the company to the next level.The appointment of Adam Bates probably means that the company is still in the designing stage. This means that it might be a while before we see anything materialize.