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Nothing Phone (1) will be updated with Android 14 beta

Nothing Phone 1

As per previous progress, we assumed that Nothing devices get updates quite slowly. Although this isn’t the whole scenario, As per information from 9to5Google, Nothing Phone 1 will be updated with Android 14 beta soon.

This news is quite crucial for the company, as the previous version of Android software took quite a while to get updated on the Nothing device. But it’s considerable, as it was the very first device from the company, and the issues regarding the delay were explained by CEO Carl Pei. There were some issues regarding security employees who needed to play a part in software development.

Nothing on Phone 1 will be updated with Android 14 beta

As the company progresses, it’s up for some experimentation with updating their devices with Android 14. That’s kind of rare, as the company took hold of Android 13 a while ago. Along with that, the company will be setting high standards by adapting the latest Android software, which will let it compete with other companies as well.

This decision will be a great promotion source for the company and also a reason for early adopters to put their trust in the company. Although we’re still unsure about the statistics of the company in terms of manufacturing and technology in general, As per this decision, we can assume that the company is ready to make an impact on the smartphone experience.

We can’t exactly predict when it will be available on the device, but it might be there somewhere in the coming weeks.

As with Android 13, the company didn’t take the risk of adapting the software until the official release. But in this case, the company is ready to take the big step of adapting the software even before its release, so we can assume that the software will be officially released any time soon.

Till then, we can hope for Nothing 2 to be on the market, with a high chance of getting the software even before Nothing 1. Although the company’s decision to jump into the game that early is a worthy step to towards the success.

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