Nothing to introduce Nothing-only features for their phones

The software team at Nothing is working nonstop as the Nothing Phone 2 is about to be on sale. Nothing OS 2.0 will probably make its debut together with the new smartphone, but it will also be available on Phone 1 in August. It appears that we could soon see some exciting Nothing-only features as the startup gets ready for what’s to come.

The business may be developing new capabilities that only function between Nothing phones and other Nothing devices, according to Carl Pei’s most recent tweet.

These features’ precise nature and operation are not yet known. There are several ideas for new capabilities under Pei’s tweet, including file sharing, screen sharing, Glyph sync, music sharing, and more. The business isn’t yet leaking the beans, though. Users of Pei are currently being prompted to indicate whether they have friends and family members who they might utilize these features with.

Comparable to Apple’s Continuity strategy is the addition of exclusive features that only function between Nothing phones and maybe other Nothing devices. If Nothing can implement features like Airdrop, Continuity Camera, Markup, Sketch, and others between Nothing phones, it would be intriguing to watch. There may possibly be unique characteristics that improve the communication between Nothing’s handsets and earphones, but it’s a long shot. We are hoping to get more device features along with potential cross device features with upcoming launch of Nothing Phone 2.

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