Google Chat ‘message quoting’ to be available on Gmail accounts

Chat networks have become a crucial part of working networks highlighted more in ones that are working on a remote based model. Managers can communicate promptly, teams can work together more quickly, and employees even have a means to socialize at work without having to leave their workstations. Even yet, misunderstandings can still happen, particularly if someone replies to several messages at once or you need to reply to an older message. The newest addition to Google Chat makes it simpler to discern who the message is intended for and what the user is responding to.

All users of Google Chat are now able to quote messages in answers after the feature was recently made available to a small number of Workspace accounts. Users can respond to a specific message while keeping the context for other participants by using the quotation function. A hyperlink is also generated when a message is quoted, enabling other users to see where that message appeared in the chat.

Therefore, even if you don’t have a premium account, you may use the new smart compose feature and quote others. With only one click or press, users may react to messages with Smart Compose, which presents contextually appropriate recommendations produced by Google AI. A user could find the most suitable response because the recommendation changes as people type. This feature resembles auto-complete in appearance, but the AI-generated choices may be more appropriate for each chat.

In addition to the quotes, Google Chat is now making rich text formatting available to all users, a capability that was previously only available to Workspace customers. This will enable users to construct structured lists, emphasize key points with bold or italic text, use font colors, and strikethrough text. Rich text layout improves readability and highlights important information by making communications pleasing to the eye and easy to skim.

It seems like Google is merely catching up because these functionalities were already available on other business chat systems like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Discord. Google’s addition of AI assistance with Smart Reply for every user, though, may give them the upper hand.

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