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November Fun Facts

November fun facts

November the very month that starts hinting towards the year-end. It leads to the last month of the year and reminds that why so many amongst us fall for the fall season.

November is about the changing leaves, fires, hot chocolates, sweaters and everything that we love during the warmer months.

Here are some fun facts listed about the month of November:

  • The name November comes from the Latin word for nine—Novem, as it was the 9th month of the Roman calendar
  • there is no mention of the month of November in any of the work of Shakespeare
  • November was referred to as the “Blood Month” by the ancient Saxons as that was the month, they used to sacrifice their animals to their gods
  • November is the National Pomegranate month in the United States of America
  • This month has been designated as the National Novel Writing and National Blog Posting Month
  • Another fun fact associated with the month is that in Australia, Canada and the US, this month is linked with Movember—moustache November, a movement that motivates men to grow a moustache as a symbol for celebrating the health of men and to raise awareness about the various male diseases

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