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US Senate doesn’t want tech companies storing data in China

US Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) wants to make it illegal for US organizations to store client information or encryption keys in China. He likewise wants to prevent Chinese organizations from gathering any more data from American clients than is important to give their service. He proposed these measures as a feature of another National Security and Personal Data Protection Act reported today.

The progressions could affect organizations like Apple and TikTok. Per Chinese law, Apple started putting away Chinese clients’ iCloud accounts in a Chinese data farm a year ago. Apple says regardless it controls encryption keys, however, Hawley considers this to be a national security risk. What’s more, as different legislators, Hawley fears TikTok’s proprietor ByteDance could be compelled to collaborate with intelligence work by the Chinese Communist Party. TikTok has denied those allegations.

According to a one-page summary released by Hawley’s office, “China and countries that similarly threaten America’s national security are taking steps to vacuum up our sensitive data.” Supposedly, this act would avert that. In any case, it could likewise cause significant issues for tech organizations that are legitimately committed to store information in China. It may drive them away from China inside and out.

Hawley has recently proposed making client information “portable” crosswise over social organizations and limiting social organization highlights considered addictive. He has requested that the FTC explore how social media communities minister content, pushed for an investigation concerning Amazon’s treatment of child security and acquainted legislation to ban loot boxes in gaming. The National Security and Personal Data Protection Act isn’t Hawley’s first tech-focused bill, however, like the others, its endurance is open to question.

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